Swimming to Inishkeel
Concrete Republic
Traffic Island 
Prison Farm

The Dog Tail Wars
Body Fluid Bed
Hanging Creatures

Homeless Deaths  
Poster Project

Full Shackle
Swollen Eye

Every Revolution
Surveillance Chair
Cruise Control

The Big Silence
Asylum Screamed
Think No Evil



A Tale of Two Cities
Sirius Arts Centre, Cork, Ireland, 2009
Balor Arts Centre, Donegal, Ireland, 2009
Barristers Gallery, New Orleans, LA 2008

The Lost Year
Beijing Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2008
The Kings Hospital School, Dublin, Ireland, 2008
Tigh Fili Cultural Centre, Cork City, Ireland, 2007
Balor Arts Centre, Donegal, Ireland, 2007

The Long Corridor
Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy, 2007

The Forgotten CIty
The Thomas Hunter Gallery, New York, NY

As a New Orleans artist, I found it impossible not to respond to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. I began by creating a series of satirical drawings titled Post-Katrina Architecture that envisioned New Orleans without levee protection. This was followed by a series of linoleum prints of devastated homes from the Lower 9th Ward. I completed a video titled The Long Corridor, which documented the flooded interiors of Lower 9th Ward homes. I created a series of photographs the year after Katrina called The Lost Year. This was followed by an exhibition of large format photographs and prints called The Forgotten City.

A Tale of Two Cities, my most recent Katrina project is a collaboration with Cork artist Harry Moore and examined the unprecedented changes occurring in both New Orleans and Cork.  Cork in 2006 was in the midst of the economic boom and Katrina had just hit New Orleans the previous summer destroying 80% of the city. Harry’s work was already questioning the wisdom of the rapid and somewhat reckless development that was sweeping Cork especially the docks where warnings of flooding had been ignored by developers.  I spent time in Cork in 2007 and Harry came over in 2008 to learn more about Post-Katrina New Orleans.

Harry, using pinhole technology photographed the bridges of Cork, always when the river levels were at their lowest revealing the tide lines on the stone and metalwork, reminiscent of the New Orleans dwellings. Long exposure times of up to 40 minutes removed any images of people and movement from the photographs.

photographed elevated homes as they were being rebuilt. Each photograph was printed and then the homeowner wrote his or her story in the sky around and above their home. The stories take us from Hurricane Katrina to the present, with each resident focusing on the aspects of rebuilding and recovery that affected them the most.  

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