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Homeless Deaths  
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The Big Silence
Asylum Screamed
Think No Evil


St. Claude Collective, Universal Furniture 
Prospect 1. Satellite Exhibition

Built into a storefront window at the New Orleans Healing Center (Universal Furniture) on St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, this interactive installation comprises one exterior and two interior areas. The audience enters the space trough a standard door opening leading to an elevated platform. A chain link fence in the shape of an L separates them from an inner area where there is a projection the full size of the wall. The projection is a live feed of the audience peering through the chain link fence. The audience thus becomes both the viewer and the viewed. While they are watching themselves projected unto the back wall, the audience on the street is watching them in a monitor mounted into the storefront window.

In a world where our obsession with documenting every move that we and others make, surveillance and our invasion of privacy has reached new heights. We have become our own big brother. Our government through such mechanisms as the Patriot Act is pushing to document and control our every activity through constant monitoring and surveillance. Every phone call, e-mail or library book we take out is monitored, recorded and cross-referenced under the guise of terrorism, our ever elusive and loosely defined enemy. We live in fear of terrorists that are allegedly all around us. This carefully crafted propaganda allows our leaders to keep us in a constant state of suspended anxiety and suspicion. Yet we offer ourselves up like lab rats to be studied through venues like MySpace and YouTube. Our obsession with reality TV and Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame has become an addiction. We can no longer separate our surveillance of each other from our government’s ever-present watchful eye.     

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